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Sven quit his office job in 2013. Marie works independently since she graduated in 2016. We have been perfecting the art of slow budget travel ever since. We are here to help you keep going in the age of closed borders and quarantines. Gear, happiness, money, inspiration & more!

Recent Articles

lock theft protection

Protecting Against
Theft And Loss

From prevention and audits to cloud backups of your important data, 2 factor authentication and account recovery. So that if it does happen, it won't be a big deal.

Mindful Eating Habits

Build a better and more balanced relationship with the food you eat, centered around non-judgemental awareness, sharing and gratefulness.

travel cosmetics zero-waste

Sustainable Travel Cosmetics:
How To Minimize Waste

Tons of tips and suggestions towards more compact, lightweight and sustainable alternatives to standard hygiene and cosmetic articles, without compromising on results.

Recent Blog Posts

budget backpacking quilts

Backpacking Quilts

An incredibly compact and lightweight alternative to regular sleeping bags. Key features, and the best budget options currently available.

paragliding takeoff

Learn Paragliding
Without Breaking The Bank

Make the age-old dream of flying come true. Everything you need to know about buying second-hand gear, finding affordable instruction and getting to takeoff.

outdoor therapy hiking trekking

Wilderness Therapy:
Self-Improvement Through
Hiking And Climbing

The transformative power of outdoor pursuits, illustrated by the story of Belal Abdussalam. An invitation to approach nature differently.

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