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For Independent People

“Freedom comes at a price”, as the saying goes. We try to keep it as low as possible with crafty strategies and good habits. But let’s face it, the next few years will not be easy as a global recession unfolds. Nevertheless, with the rise of the home office and digitalization, there will also be many new opportunities to achieve location-independence.

By seeking more financial resilience, we aim to keep an edge in this rapidly changing world. And ultimately, to free up more of the most precious commodity: time.

lock theft protection

Protecting Against
Theft And Loss

From prevention to cloud backups of your important data, 2 factor authentication and account recovery. So that if it does happen, it won't be a big deal.

travel jobs

Best Long-Term
Travel Jobs

Travel jobs and careers for the long run. Inspiration and ideas for those seeking a nomadic, semi-nomadic or location-independent lifestyle.

banking fees neobanks

Banking Fees

Get rid of management fees, transaction fees, withdrawal fees and ridiculous foreign currency rate markups. Save hundreds and even thousands each year.

early retirement

Early Retirement:
A Traveler's Guide

Learn the basics, how you can scale it to your needs, and how traveling can put you on the fast track to financial independence.

frugality blueberries

Frugality Basics

All the key frugality concepts to help saving for long term travels and facilitate location-independent lifestyles.

investing financial freedom phone computer laptop

Investing Basics

Learn the fundamentals on how to invest your hard-earned cash, the biggest pitfalls and some of the best and simplest solutions for travelers.

matched betting

Earn a Side Income
With Matched Betting

Start generating a small, simple and risk-free side income online with only a few hours of work every week.

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Step-by-step DIY portfolios and more...