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Slow travel comes with the rare luxury of time. Time to explore this extraordinary planet we live on, but also the vast world of our mind. As the Covid-19 pandemic severely limits our movements, the journey within becomes even more relevant. Whether we seek answers to the great questions of life or simply stumble upon insights by chance, transformative experiential events are bound to happen. 

Below you will find an eclectic collection of techniques and tips from various schools of thought and traditions. Some hints and help on the road to a better self.

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Mindful Eating

Build a better and more balanced relationship with the food you eat, centered around non-judgemental awareness, sharing and gratefulness.

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Wilderness Therapy:
Self-Improvement Through
Hiking And Climbing

The transformative power of outdoor pursuits, illustrated by the story of Belal Abdussalam. An invitation to approach nature differently.

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Anapana Meditation:
A Simple Technique To
Calm The Mind

Step by step instructions for a simple meditation technique from the Buddhist tradition to cultivate concentration and mindfulness.

Sweat Lodge: A
Native American Way Of Healing

Learn about the traditional "Sweat" and how to find an authentic ceremony. Reconnect with your body and fellow human beings. Heal together.

stoic stoicism

The Ancient Path to

Master the practical techniques that the Ancient Greek and Roman Stoics used to keep happy and calm through the ups and downs of life.

buddha vipassana meditation

Vipassana Meditation:
How to Survive Your
First Retreat

A guide on when and where to go, what (not) to expect. And how to make it less likely that you run away on the first day.


Accountability Hacks
To Reach Your Goals

Struggling to save money for your trip? To maintain a exercise routine on the road? To meditate daily? Hack your mind with these 4 accountability tricks.

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