Inspiring Stories

Real People Living
Location-Independent, Nomadic
& Semi-Nomadic Lifestyles

The many paths that lead away from an entirely sedentary life will rarely be mentioned by a typical career counselor. Aspiring to a different approach is a truly daunting task. It requires a great deal of humility and courage.

We have started collecting the stories of those who walked the walk. Their anecdotes, motivation and attitude are as colorful as the niches they have found.  If you too decide to go down this road, rest assured. You are not alone.

joris delphin bike fat bike

The Roofer

Joris from France trained as a roofer. By embracing a simple lifestyle, he only has to work 4 to 5 months a year before heading out on his fat bike.

emmanuel manu garland

The Winemaker

Manu from Argentina works a few months every year in wineries. And surfs and snowboards all over the world the rest of the time.

beat baggenstos climbaid

The NGO Founder

Beat from Switzerland is the man behind ClimbAid. A story of finding balance between traveling, climbing and compassion.

Katya Bruxinda Golovina

The Accidental Nomad

Katya has been traveling the world for over 10 years. Originally from Russia, she works regularly in tourism as a tour leader.

Panda Iran artist

The Artist

Panda is an artist from Iran. Despite tough circumstances he successfully sells his art wherever he goes, while helping others in the process.

Deniz Sayrek permaculture

The Server

Deniz is a permaculture advocate and yogi from Turkey. For her, traveling, serving others and protecting the environment go hand in hand.

Jess Szekely TentMeals

The Entrepreneur

Jess regularly travels to remote, adventurous destinations. Back at home in the UK, she runs a small expedition food business as well as other ventures.