What Is Freedomflux?

This site is all about simple nomadic, location-independent lifestyles and slow budget travel as tools for personal growth

Whether you want to hit the road for a month or a lifetime, this resource is here to help and inspire you. For the wanderers and free spirits of this world. Start claiming your life back.

Need To Make Money For Your Travels?

Touting the benefits of long-term travel to someone stuck in the rat race 50 weeks a year is pointless without tackling the topic of financial independence. 

Want to quit your desk job? Live abroad for a while? Rather than falling for the oversimplified “start a travel blog” cliché, explore the creative ideas real people around the world have found to escape the daily grind.

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Combine this with real out-of-the-box thinking. Powerful financial hacks from basic investment knowledge to practical tips on saving money will help you achieve more with less. By finding solutions adapted to your goals and skills you will be on the fast-track to financial freedom.

Want To Travel Differently?

A core mantra of freedomflux is budget traveling. Not Lonely Planet “budget” travel at 80 dollars a day. Budget travel at 10 to 25 bucks a day, almost anywhere in the world. 

Why? Because these invaluable experiences shouldn’t just be reserved to a small elite. And more importantly, because using your brain instead of your wallet leads to a much more rewarding journey. 

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Budget traveling is not about deprivation. Instead, it’s an invitation to share with and learn from our fellow humans all over the world. It’s a lesson of humility and courage. 

Getting more for every dollar spent also wonderfully aligns with a more environmentally sustainable and socially responsible approach.

All you really need in your backpack are few key items. Take your time. Reconnect with Nature and yourself through captivating outdoor activities. Plan more authentic trips with budget slow travel guides to destinations far off the beaten track. It’s time to leave the selfie stick wielding crowd behind.

Embrace Your Inner Journey

Slow travel gives us precious time and opportunities to explore our mind. And foster patience, tolerance, understanding and compassion. This incredibly rich and at times difficult experiential learning process gives us deep insights into our search for healing, inner peace and lasting happiness. 

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Ultimately, real freedom is not found on the road. It dwells inside our mind. A section of this website is dedicated to exploring techniques, philosophies and mind hacks that could be relevant to your inner path and mental health.

And this also best reflects the profound hope and volition behind freedomflux: to be of modest help to your own journey. With the sincere hope to see you smiling,

– Marie and Sven