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Budget Outdoor Sports & Sustainable Travel

Exploring the wonders of nature is gaining popularity in the age of social distancing and face masks. And what better way to approach the wilderness than through captivating outdoor sports. Slow down your pace and head off the beaten path. We favor skills and experience over gaining an edge by buying the latest gear. This keeps it financially accessible and reduces mindless consumption.

Indeed, mass tourism has adversely affected not only the environment, but also local communities around the globe. Zero-impact traveling might be utopian, but as we travel more regionally, it’s becoming clear that significantly reducing our footprint while traveling is not that far-fetched.

Budget Outdoor Sports Guides

rock climbing

Without breaking
the bank

Climb cheaply around the world. Tips on budget gear, accommodation and food. Top 25 World-Class destinations.

paragliding takeoff

Without Breaking
The Bank

Soar the skies like an eagle. Everything you need to know about buying gear, finding instruction and getting to takeoff.

gudauri georgia ski snowboard splitboard

Skiing And
Without Breaking
The Bank

All the strategies, tips and hacks to do an entire winter season cheaply. Budget destinations, accommodation, lift passes and backcountry.

Sustainable Travel

travel cosmetics zero-waste

Travel Cosmetics:
How To Reduce Waste

Tons of tips and suggestions towards more compact, lightweight and sustainable alternatives to standard hygiene and cosmetic articles, without compromising on results.

plastic pollution dahab red sea egypt

How To Reduce Plastic Pollution

How to cut the amount of plastic waste we generate while traveling by 80% and more in 5 simple steps.

Sri Lanka train

How To Reduce Your
Carbon Footprint

The impact of our travels on CO2 emissions. How to reduce them efficiently. How to buy quality carbon credits to offset more efficiently.