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What goes into your backpack should cover you in as many situations as possible without weighing you down much. Versatile, lightweight and compact are core features.

We also believe that good gear should be accessible to anyone on a budget. This is far too often misinterpreted as always buying the cheapest version available. But filling landfills with broken junk is not only unsustainable, it’s also uneconomical in the long run. Instead, we favor striking a balance with durable items that won’t break the bank.

sleeping pad camping mattress

Sleeping Pads

Closed-cell foam, self-inflating or fancy inflatable ultralight air mattress? The inevitable trade-offs, and our favorite pick for each category.

tarp tents tajikistan

Tarp Tents

The ultimate ultralight shelter for hikers and backpackers. Characteristics, drawbacks and a selection of the top budget models for all conditions.

budget backpacking quilts


An incredibly compact and lightweight alternative to the regular mummy sleeping bag. Key features, and the best budget options.

travel first aid kit

First Aid Kit

What you really need while on the road, and what to consider for more remote destinations, plus a list for a versatile lightweight first aid kit based on years of experience.

water purification

Water Purification

Stop using disposable plastic bottles today. Top 4 water treatment solutions for budget travelers. From emergencies to regular use in developing countries.

travel repair kit

Repair Kit

A list of all the useful items to fix almost anything on the road, at least temporarily. Extend the lifespan of your gear, and be ready when you need to improvise.

pocket knifes

Pocket Knifes And
Multi Tools

Essential features and functions. Affordable pocket knifes and multi tools between 15 and 50$ that don't compromise on quality.


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Long-term reviews of useful items and more.