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A Different Approach For More Authenticity

Our guides follow a distinct perspective. They are intended as standalone companions for independent travelers and backpackers who simply seek the essential practical advice to navigate a country efficiently. For those who like to be surprised and go with the flow rather than following a predetermined itinerary.

You will not find yet another list of famous touristic sights and circuits to be ticked. Instead, we focus on meeting the locals and getting lost in nature, taking our time to understand more of the world we live in. We also showcase a strict budget approach as this important information is often hard to find. We trust that you will have no problem spending more if you feel 10-25$ a day is restricting you.

These guides also work as useful supplements to the regular travel literature. If you want to explore some of the well-known highlights but think that fancy hotels and air-conditioned tour buses lack authenticity, you are in the right place.

Finally, we are well aware that pretty much all these countries are currently off-limits because of travel restrictions. Until the guides become relevant again, you can consider them as inspiration, a place to dream about future travels, and a reminder that budget travel will eventually be possible again!

saudi arabia horse riding

Travel Guide
To Saudi Arabia

With a brand new tourist visa scheme, the forbidden Kingdom finally opens up. Be one of the first to explore this vast country independently.

sudan pyramids karima jebel barka

Travel Guide
To Sudan

Exceptionally hospitable people, empty historical sites and ginger-flavored coffee await the more adventurous travelers willing to explore this underrated country.​

egypt bedouin tea

Travel Guide
To Egypt

A fascinating country at the crossroads of continents and civilizations. Plenty of tips and hints to find the elusive off-the-beaten-path experience in this popular destination.

kyrgyzstan tien shan

Travel Guide
To Kyrgyzstan

Mountains, yurts and horses. And lots of it. The quintessential Central Asian outdoor adventure awaits. Grab your tent and explore this wild yet surprisingly relaxed country.


Travel Guide
To Oman

A budget approach to one of the most fascinating yet accessible countries of the Arabic peninsula. Old forts, sand dunes, green oases, and traditional hospitality at its best.

Iran boats

Travel Guide
To Iran

A guide for independent travelers to Iran. Meet incredibly friendly people. Travel around an extremely diverse country. Try to crash an underground party.

hunza pakistan

Travel Guide
To Pakistan

A guide for adventurous travelers to Pakistan. Roam the 3 highest mountain ranges on earth. Explore a rich cultural heritage. Enjoy legendary hospitality.


Travel Guide
To Tajikistan

An authentic approach to Tajikistan. Go trekking in the Pamir mountains. Drink tea with shepherds. Admire breathtaking mountain vistas.